Posted on April 29th, 2010 at 1:30 PM by Wan
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Wow, last week it’s a big handful of experience for me having gone through the Anzac Day. As an international student, i find Anzac Day quite mesmerizing which i would recall as a national day of remembrance for Australian as well as New Zealanders. It is commemorated on 25th April every year to honour members of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps which defines the name ANZAC.

Some intriguing event scenes i encountered during the day of Anzac as the video below tells you the whole story. I even found a dog wearing army clothes!!! The military people boastfully walks around the street displaying their badges on the uniforms, feeling proud being able to serve the communities. What i can’t figure out is, why there is also other family members participating in the parade? Are they representatives of ANZAC members? or is it just for the sake of fun? Furthermore, why there is other member countries participating in this parade like country from Vietnam and Burma – Gurkhas? What happens next once these veterans who fought in wars no longer exist? Will it still be perennial? As the world we are living in is going towards peace and harmony, will there be another Anzac day for the next decade or century? Although, i could hardly conceive how one person is able to contribute to his country for pride and glory. But what about others who are delinquents? Will they be an acknowledgment for them as well? The last part of this video is very entertaining as the 3 ladies grouped together singing some patriotic songs when i was walking along the street obliviously.

One thing for sure, it’s a day for social networking as people gathers around sharing thoughts and ideas through the wisdom of crowd and harnessing the collective intelligence of user’s value somewhere out there!