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Anyone for a Dimdim? Dimdim has been existed for more than 15 years and is a powerful tool for collaboration in the web. It lets anyone communicate using rich internet applications in real time. It is an open source that support open source community edition and integrates with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and LMS (Learning Management System) software so it can be added on easily.  It is easily customizable, extremely flexible and available in hosted and on-site configurations. It comes with many versions. The free version allows anyone to host meetings with up to 20 people simultaneously.  The pro version allows customizable built for small business by making money on the web as return of investment whilst the enterprise version is for big enterprise that has many features such as reporting and analytics tool. It has simple user interface that is easy for anyone to learn.  This is because it does not require to install anything, all that is needed is a very small plug-in.  The meeting could be started with a single click to share slides, PDFs, whiteboards and even the entire desktop.  Teleconference service is also available for larger meetings.  Attendees could also simultaneously annotate a presentation, scribble on a whiteboard, send instant messages and broadcast audio/video if permitted by the host.

Unlike other web conference products such as WebEx and GotoMeeting, Dimdim does not require users to install software on their PCs in order to attend web meeting. It has a fully integrated browser, which allows users to take their audience to various web sites and show them specific features live on the web.  The enterprise edition is available at a cheaper price compared to Cisco WebEx. The free version allows unlimited usage with its features like video and whiteboards as long as you want. Unlike GoToMeeting, it requires an extra fee. Anyone can join via permalink that uses smart URLs without having to remember long and difficult URLs. It is mashable by embedding widgets and allows recordings on user’s site or other web content such as YouTube and Polldaddy into the meeting. Its interoperability provides the same features for all platforms unlike Cisco Webex and GotoMeeting.

Dimdim provides open APIs so that anyone could mash-up it with anything ranging from Twitter and Facebook to Zimbra and YouTube.  The users, developers and partners have access to advanced browser-based collaboration features.  It allows them to easily interact with large or small groups across multiple geographies, while simultaneously recording the activity.  This is made possible using open source connectors such as SugarCRM coupled with Dimdim’s web conferencing tool. Developers could use “Liberty” (Dimdim open source community).  It is for use in noncritical environments and based on open source streaming and media components (Adobe Flash Server) and runs on SynchroLive Communication Platform. Dimdim uses Amazon S3/EC2 that connects over a network to its server, providing reduced maintenance costs and minimal application updates as well as higher levels of security and energy efficient.  This provides opportunities for compelling user experiences with no longer having thick client applications.  Its online support includes a complete collection of tools designed specifically to improve the users experience such as forums discussion group, online knowledge base, an issue tracker to check the status of an issue for all users. In addition, it provides tools for checking user’s PC and bandwidth connection and test webcam before conducting meetings.  In addition, other resources such as API documentation, videos, support policies and open source support links are also available. The major issues with Dimdim would be its high demand for constant internet connection and that does not work well with low-speed connections.

Having said the above, Dimdim is still the best way to work as it makes software and data available transparently and everywhere. It is a good choice for presentations and online sharing.  It is constantly improving by taking suggestions from users to enhance it in future to come. Is it any wonder technology is outpacing our ability to keep up? With their leading global investors like Nexus India Capital, Index Ventures and Draper Richards, it is a perfect match of the alignment of investors’ experience and Dimdim’s vision.  Indeed, Dimdim is no Dumbdumb!

DimDim Web Conferencing


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