Posted on July 27th, 2010 at 7:14 PM by Wan
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How do I get podcasts for my blog?

Now, you do have to create podcasts by yourself. The good news is that is a fairly simple process that can be done without a lot of technical knowledge or ability. The term ‘podcast’ was actually coined by Ben Hammersley in the Guardian on February 2004. The word is a blend of the two words, ‘ipod’ and ‘broadcast’ but we don’t have to have an ipod to see a podcast or even to create a podcast.

In a simple layman terms, podcasting is a way to publish audio and video online which lets software automatically find and download new broadcasts over a period of time by using RSS feeds that contain a link to the multimedia broadcast file.

We can create and publish our own audio program or video program or audio/video program and feed them to our audience who can then listen to or view them when they have time or are so inclined. With nothing more than a PC, some software and a webcam if we are doing video, anybody can create a podcast and publish it. It is not like we are building a space rocket!


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