Posted on September 15th, 2010 at 6:53 AM by Wan
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Last fortnight, I chose to observe my friend’s very modern kitchen, equipped with the newest high tech devices. The types of devices that existed in the kitchen included: an intelligent oven by TMIO (see Figure 1), an LCD TV kitchen system and Action Fresh Blue Technology.

TMIO is an acronym for Tonight’s Menu Intelligent Oven. My initial reaction to the newly, remodeled kitchen was that it did not look like a kitchen at all but more like an open entertainment space. Instead of a table, it consisted of a black countertop, bar stools and an overall sleek and modern design. To clarify, the TMIO intelligent oven doubles as a refrigerator and oven and can be controlled by cell phone or the internet. Regardless of where you are, you can login or call the devices call center and control when you want to start cooking your food, at what temperature, method and many more. If you decide to stop cooking the food, the oven can convert back to refrigerator mode so there is no waste. The LCD TV kitchen system by Phillips was equipped with an iPod and television monitor, all connected to the internet via a wireless connection. Lastly, the Action Fresh Blue Technology consisted of a fruit bowl with a blue light around it to ensure freshness and keep out bacteria.

Figure 1: TMIO – An Intelligent Oven

(TMIO n.d.)

The most important aspect of this observation came in the form of comparison. I was very interested in observing how vastly different the modern kitchen was in contrast to kitchens that were as little as ten years old. When people think about technology, they automatically think computers and the internet. By choosing the kitchen, I wanted to observe how technology could impact the most basic and everyday actions. I wanted to stay away from observing someone in a context where technology was expected, that is a home office and in a context where it was more unexpected. Many people do not realize that technology impacts every aspect of our lives in the office and outside the office too.