Posted on July 15th, 2010 at 9:47 PM by Wan
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Hello, it would be exciting to learn more on what Enterprise 2.0 could offer me.

Perhaps, we should start to evaluate more deeper the effectiveness of Enterprise 2.0 towards the community such as having a community forum. It’s never too late.

What would you think?

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  • Good for you!! Yes I should definitely do the same:)
    Apple is disabling Flash on IPAD and trying to get everyone else support HTML5, I haven’t learned Flash yet but I think most of the people are still going to stick with Flash unless Apple can sell their products more than sum of the total PC.
    It’s hard to switch technologies just like how much I have loved my old phone.

    • Wan says:

      I understand what you mean. I have receive complaints from my colleagues last semester in Uni about my blog, how his iMAC crashes everytime he wants to reply my posted blog. Apple do not support FLASH, and hopefully with HTML5, it will sort this thing out. Alternatively, i do offer another simple solution using other site without having FLASH installed. It’s dull and plain, though. I guess the way forward is to have cool interactivity apps, that is what i see in future. Consequently, this will increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and UEO (User Enhancement Optimization) as part of my Web 2.0 strategy.

  • Hello there,nice blog you have here:)
    but takes too long to open and with da music, it’s nice to hear it for first time but everytime…?
    Or maybe just because TPG sucks…lol…
    Oh, I’m from da 346 class by the way:)

    • Wan says:

      Hi Xiaodan,

      Thanks for the compliment. You can disable the sound to mute by clicking below the slideshow (under the topic – IMPROVING THE SERVICE FOR VIMEO THROUGH PERPETUAL BETA) if its bothering you. The reason i add sound for this blog is to take the risk of my programming skill on Flash by embedding the javascript code which i haven’t touch it for almost a decade now. I just wanted to prove myself that my programming skill still ain’t rusty!

  • Wan says:

    Testing for Enterprise 2.0

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